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weight log for the last two years

Of course there are also other changes this simple number doesn't show.

Data Geek

Oct. 4th, 2007 12:59 am
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I posted a graph of 2.5 years of data on my weight. Most of that was collected with a simple command line perl script. I would weigh myself at the gym, come home and sit down at the computer and record the data. This week I expanded the perl script to do CGI and now it's an iPhone friendly form. This of course has the win that my iPhone is always with me and thus makes me more likely to immediately enter data and not forget it.

Commenting on that previous thread with the graph, I mentioned that I needed to work on calories eaten and exercised with the hope of effecting general fitness and the weight statistic. Calories eaten could be another good thing to have an always-with-you-e-logging-thing for.

If I fleshed this out into a publicly visible thing you could make your own account for, would anyone else be interested in a web/iPhone (maybe other small phone web thing?) weight and calorie logging app?
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The axes are a little screwed up, but along the bottom is about two and a half years of time, and the vertical axis is pounds-of-me.


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