May. 23rd, 2011 08:57 am
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I have a Samsung 10.1" tablet, which is awesome, except that there is no way to move files over USB between my Mac and it because Samsung abandoned a perfectly good standard protocol, disabled it (a default part of Android OS), and implemented custom crap and only made a fully featured windoze app to speak custom crap protocol.
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A post by [ profile] flexagon got me thinking. To what degree are people jealous of people who are superior in some quality? Not too long ago I read some well known works of fiction where that could be a primary motivating force behind major social and political movements, and I found this absurd and it made the fictional world unbelievable (I'm pretty sure the fictional world was supposed to be essentially like the real one). At the time I read it I thought this completely absurd because I hadn't run into the phenomenon at all and I was convinced that no one thinks like that. [ profile] flexagon's anecdote makes me think it is out there and active in some small way, but still not the major social mover of those books I read.

How much of the problem is that unreasonably much weight is being placed on the one aspect where the differential lies? If the differential is fitness/hotness, would the less fit person be better off if they didn't worry about that so much? Of course, more fitness is better up to some point of diminishing returns and a desire to do other things. On the other end of the spectrum unreasonable weight can be placed on the quality one is superior in, leading to assumption of general superiority and arrogance and assholery.

Either of those kinda conflates 'better at X' with 'better human being'. Somehow moral worth gets tied up in one quality, leading to positions of holier-than-thou, or being annoyed at people who you assume think they are holier-than-you. I talk about assuming what others are thinking because I've never known [ profile] flexagon to display that kind of annoying arrogance, and yet it sounds to me like she was assumed into the role. Is this rationalization by the person on the bottom? Seeing someone overfit they bring them down a notch in their mind by adding the imagined flaw of arrogance? Maybe just a predisposition to believe that after seeing it in others.

I'm often annoyed by equating moral worth with economic worth. It should be too easy to disprove this by pointing out assholes on top and good people being shat on by our economy. But of course this argument wouldn't work against someone who really started by assuming economic worth to be fundamental, because they would neglect any personal style issues of the very effective person on top (nevermind whatever it is they actually do for their money or how they got there) and assume that the economic failure is a worthless person (again, nevermind how they got there). In short, GRrrr, this is a frustrating argument.

OK, ramble off, it's past time for me to get to work.
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I recently added Media Matters to my RSS reader. I think that was this morning. I'm amazed and disgusted. It looks like they're regularly finding a dozen things a day where the putative news media on TV and Radio who are supposed to be informing us are spouting off mindless stupidity, bald lies and malicious distortions.

I'd heard about MM before, but what pushed me over the edge and made me want to follow their feed was this recent outrage from Faux News in which they distort photos of people to dehumanize and make monsters out of the people they attack (instead of addressing the content of what those people are saying). The Fox Noise has got to stop. They need to be maligned loudly and often for the stupid shit they do until no one in the country takes them seriously and no one watches and their ratings are zero and the only thing that keeps them on the air is the desperate bankrolling of interests they propagandize for.

I hadn't been watching, but millions of people probably are, and they need to know what kind of garbage is being dumped on them.
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Remember "50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth"? Right now I'm more in the mood for "50 Huge Things Big Business Can Do To Save The Earth". Things that would in one fell swoop have more impact than a hundred million environmentalists. Things they're probably lobbying heavily against. Things that would cost them tiny fractions of their revenue. Things that might even save them money if they would get off their asses, lay down the capital, and think long-term.</rant>
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Suppose we started calling the super rich by titles of nobility (with as much sarcasm as possible). The ranks of Duke, Earl or Baron might be assign by order of magnitude of wealth. e.g. Duke Gates and Duke Buffet. Earl Soros and Earless Oprah. Baron Michael Jordan and Baroness Martha Stewart. So, roughly, ten billion gets you a duchy, one billion an earldom, 100 million a barondom, and you would need 10 millon just to get knighted.

This is just my way of trying to sarcastically say that some people are too wealthy and too powerful in this country and too many people are too much their serfs.
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It seems like every time I run into IE it's bad news. The latest problem is how they show popup menus.
screenshots )
Really, how could I know they would choose a totally different way to render that than the two other browsers I tried?

So, do I change my page making it worse for the two browsers I like and better for the 85% of the people out there using the IE I despise and loathe?

I thought I was doing something clever and good with the UI to put the default item in the middle of the popup menu to reduce the average distance to the thing to pick, but there goes IE sucking and assuming that the default item is at the top. </rant>


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