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It's nice to just talk and talk and listen and have a meeting of two minds. I've had a couple good sessions of this in the last couple days.
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Sometimes I'm the smart person who shares. That's nice too. I get to help people. Sometimes I help my friends learn new things like Python and Math and Dancing.
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Parties in which I get to hang out with neat people I don't wind up seeing very often otherwise, and meet new people, and do networking.

The Gym. That'd be Bally's in Porter Square. The old, not climbing, not gymnastics, mundane gym. In which I pick up heavy things and put them down again right where they came from (unlike moving). In which I run to nowhere for 30-40 minutes. I was feeling a little lethargic and don't-wanna before I went, but then I went and was immediately better and had a good workout.
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Things I've noticed over the last few days:
Nothing bad happens to me when I get sick. My understanding coworkers wish me well and a speedy recovery. I don't lose needed irreplaceable hourly wages. I have confidence that my immune system, and if necessary the medical system, will make me well again.

A blank sheet of paper and time to think, free of anything else to do. Think it through. Be creative. Doodle. Daydream.

A night on the town with my girl. Best Mexican around here yet, Jose's, west of Porter sq. Order appetizers. Order a big marguerita. Enchilada, tamale, chile rilleno, salsa. Yum! Didn't leave room for flan though.
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Gratitude: Good Day
Saturday was a good day, is that enough?

Gratitude: NPR
NPR keeps me informed and amused.

Gratitude: Smart People Who Share
There are smart people in the world who think about things. That's great. It means I don't have to think of everything myself. Specifically I was recently introduced to "The Energy Project", a Tony Schwartz motivational self help venture, and it has some good things to think about, and some practical systems, and I should really put together a whole post on the things I've been thinking about since going through that class.

Bonus good day: Awesome moment of today was definitely cuddling with my favorite certain someone while watching a Q episode of ST:TNG.
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I don't have a toothache and I don't have to worry about money. The money thing is working out pretty well. I'm compulsively sensible and I'm lucky enough to be good at something the current economy rewards quite well. I've been thinking about it lately and doing spreadsheets and planning for the future and things look good.

(written last night)
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Sometimes I have a go-go-go schedule with events to go out to every night, but not all the time. I've been permitting myself to stop and rest more, but I think it's still something I'm working on and need to get good at. I got practiced in staying up later and going on longer, but I need to practice resting better. Sometimes no matter how tired I get I've forgotten how to stop and recuperate. I'm grateful when I get it and it works.

No event tonight. Come home, have dinner with the gf, flop on the couch and watch westwing. Go to bed early(ish). And now back to that last part.
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Special thanks to [ profile] flexagon for introducing me in spring 2009 to what has become my weekly acrobatics and gymnastics class. It is my regular hardest workout of the week. It is full of fun silly human tricks that I have been able to introduce other friends to. Had a good run of it tonight. :-)
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There was a Thich Nhat Hanh book in which he noticed that people generally aren't happy that they don't have a toothache right now. I'm going to be happy that I don't have a toothache right now. And that I'm really decently strong and adequately fit for many purposes. I'd like to be better, but for all the lack of problems and for some things kinda going right, I'm grateful for my health right now.
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It's good for dancing to, and I appreciate it at other times too. I'm a sucker for a big dramatic epic movie score, and recently bought Inception to go along with Independence Day, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Magnolia, and probably more I'm forgetting right now.
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For yesterday and today I'm going to claim gratitude on the imperfect goods of computer games and alcohol. There are amusing timesinks of foolish things to do when I could be doing something more productive but I'm procrastinating or goofing off and I like the exhilaration of solving a puzzle or beating an opponent. There are some darn tasty things with alcohol in them, and sometimes the mood alteration is nice too.
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It's fun.
People I like are there.
It's really nice to get the validation of wonderful people wanting to dance with me.
It's a performable skill I'm good at, and it feels good to be good at it.
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I really like getting wrapped up in a project now and then, and having a whole bunch of productive creative hours on it.


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