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My job and my primary relationship were going well at the start of 2011. By July I was fighting with my boss all the time and abysmally heartbroken.
Those are the two biggest things I think of for happiness in life. I often say I need at least one of them going well to get by and call things good enough. I kind of think of everything else like dancing and acrobatics as secondary, nice to have, but not a 'core' good thing, not enough.

It's still pretty easy to be sad about those big bad things. One is ongoing and the other has aftershocks. But there were good things too (copied from a list posted early December):

I made two cool new friends who are now my roommates.
I started aerial silks and I'm starting to get good at that.
All my circus and acrobatics workouts added up to noticeable new strength and fitness.
I also had some good romance.
I successfully ran my redistricting solver over all the states and all the state legislatures and congressional maps (minus about 4 maps out of 142 that are still too buggy for me to deal with). That was a big coding and organizational push in the early party of the year.
I got out to cool events like Arisia, Barcamp, Baitcon, Playa del Fuego.
I continued to have awesome friends who come to my parties or critique my online dating profile or invite me to their things or just meet up to catch up over hot chocolate sometimes, and sometimes I wish I got out to see you all more.

Date: 2012-01-02 10:27 pm (UTC)
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And, plans for 2012? I hope job-hunting is on the list... :-)


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