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In airports in Iceland and Belgium I felt privileged to know English which was a primary language of ads and signs and announcements.
Outside of airports in Belgium I felt humbled by my lack of any local language and grateful to strangers who had just enough english to point me in the right direction.

Belgian beer is delicious. The waffle was just okay.

There are a bunch of monasteries in Belgium that brew delicious beer. Apparently many of them reinvest the profits into the communities around them. Bring your business plan to the monks and the might give you a small business loan. I am amused to think of this as 'angel investing'. :-)

Also, BRU Airport wants €10 for one hour of internet. There were no coffee shops advertising wifi in the tiny seaside town in Belgium where I went. So, I was in an internet dead zone most of the time I was there. The plan was to get a 3G mobile hotspot or USB connection for internet, but never got around to it.
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Thursday night through Monday morning in Pittsburgh during which I saw:
[ profile] blk
[ profile] chamois
[ profile] cheerfulchaotic
[ profile] devreux
[ profile] genuinekfc
[ profile] klari
[ profile] mygrane
[ profile] qiika
[ profile] rehana
[ profile] rmitz
[ profile] rupes
[ profile] sheenaqotj

And those are just the ones I remember because they're on my profile page.

Mobot was exciting because a new course record was set at 50.71 seconds, down from a previous 1:01.43 from 2004, which beat 2000's 1:14.90. Mobot is also still the premier event at which to see a good set of my geeky alumni friends for the first time for the weekend. Who wouldn't want to come out and see the robot races?

And then there was the ritual feasting. Thursday night mexican. Friday noon bbq. Friday night pizza and geek-classic junkfood. Saturday brunch. Saturday early-afternoon beers. Saturday hours-dourves. Saturday afternoon bbq. Saturday night leftover pizza from Friday. Sunday morning bulk pie. Sunday afternoon lovingly-homemade pie. Sunday afternoon beers. More pie, and misc snacking. Uf.

And of course there was the gaming. Bridge. Bohnanza. Settlers. Race for the Galaxy. Elfenland. And a couple more that were new to me which I forget.

It was a good vacation. :-)
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I'll be in Pittsburgh Thursday night through Monday morning for Carnival and etc.
Mobot, KGB, SCS, pie, and other events will be included.
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Ahhh! I'm gonna be in Boston next Thursday!

(this little trip has been sneaking up on me for weeks)

Sadly, the customer who flew me to Boston last time doesn't happen to need any consulting right now, so I have to pay. On the plus side, it's all vacation time and I don't have to work.


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