May. 23rd, 2011 08:57 am
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I have a Samsung 10.1" tablet, which is awesome, except that there is no way to move files over USB between my Mac and it because Samsung abandoned a perfectly good standard protocol, disabled it (a default part of Android OS), and implemented custom crap and only made a fully featured windoze app to speak custom crap protocol.
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Javascript runs about 2% the speed of compiled C. It's like a computer seven to eight years old but with a big fancy graphics accelerator called a 'browser'.


Aug. 11th, 2009 12:00 am
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Last Tuesday my Roomba arrived. After years of mumbling about how nifty they are and how I should get one, [ profile] larksdream pointed out to me a special deal on the net, so I ordered, and now I have one. My house is already several small scoops full of dust cleaner. In my abundant faith in technology, I immediately programmed my roomba to run at 11am twice a week while I'm away at work. I have so far come home to find it: caught in stereo wires (now tied up neatly), stuck on a rug (no fix there yet), and high-centered sideways on a threshold between two rooms. Someday, my hair will be the death of it. So far every second or third cleaning I need to cut my hair out of its rollers. I still think it's better than sweeping.
Today I got a new iPhone 3gs to replace my 2+ year old original iPhone. The faster processor does make UI things snappier, and the gps and compass are neat, and it's 32GB vs the old 8GB, but mostly the new iPhone is the same as the old iPhone.
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I've been mulling over getting a $900 chair for the home office for months. It would be a good, durable thing that would give me many years of improved sitting. Monday Apple upgraded the MacBooks and within a couple hours I placed an order. It should be here next week wednesday, and have a useful-to-me lifespan of 2-3 years. (Current laptop to be retired at 2.7 years.) I think this must have something to say about how I am more comfortable thinking about technology than furniture.
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I had some quiet time over the Christmas weekend to do some personal hacking. I thought of a little app I could write for my iPhone that I think would be relatively original and useful and maybe I could sell it for a few bucks. (I'll tell you what it is someday later when it's done and ready, maybe next week.) I dove into iPhone app hacking using the familiar XCode Apple development tools I use to do other hacking on my Macs. Things went pretty quickly laying out GUI elements and getting some basic connecting code written. At some point I got to the point of actually writing some crucial function of my app and after an hour of digging through iPhone developer documentation I decided that the feature I want just isn't there. The iPhone cannot do what I want it to do! I've heard rumors that Apple is going to move to fix the sorts of things I want in the future, but right now it fails.
So, having recently been given a gPhone I downloaded the android sdk and got to work with that. I started by looking for the feature I needed that the iPhone lacked and quickly found three different ways of achieving what I want. This time, it will work. So, I start over in a new development environment, eclipse, which I had only used a couple times before. On the plus side, I generally like Java (which android uses) better than Objective C (which Apple got infected with when it acquired NeXT and made the NextStep system the core of MacOS X and the iPhone). It turns out that the Android SDK integrates impressively well with eclipse, and eclipse really shines at making a big strange new library accessible, autocompleting functions I barely guessed existed.

So, after sinking a few hours into developing for each platform, right now I'm much happier with Android. If it were up to developers like me, that kind of phone should be the eventual market winner. On the other hand as a user, iPhone is still slick and well done and will remain my primary phone. The plucky little Linux phone with the nice-to-develop-for Java environment has a long way to go to beat iPhone's user experience and market penetration. Hmpf.


Nov. 28th, 2008 10:14 pm
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I can see that it will happen. Some day, two to four years from now, I will start buying second copies of movies I already have because I want the super high def version that's Soooooo much better than the old DVD copy I already have. What movies will these be? Wall-E. Lord of the Rings. Maybe "Contact". I guess I don't actually own that many super high end movies that deserve the super high end treatment. DVD will still be plenty good enough for lots of things. All the TV I own on DVD will still be good enough on DVD. But it will happen. I had an inkling I was going to go this way, and was thinking I should kinda have a moratorium on that kind of DVD until I can get it on BluRay (and have a player for it) but today I broke down and bought Wall-E kinda impulsively. Oh well. For now, it will still look good on DVD, and it will still look good projected on my wall at 1024x768. Someday I will have BluRay and a 1920x1200 projector. Mmmm, technology.


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