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Sometimes it seems like a good idea to eat pizza and drink beer and watch a stupid action flick. This theory kinda held for the first hour, with full "this is absurd" snarking in effect. Eventually the non-stop nonsenical dumb action and explosions became actually boring. To say it was 'formulaic' is understating how you could tell within a second of a random non-requiter scene change, "oh, this is the flash-back origin story of $character" or "oh, training montage". I still claim film-geek points for recognizing and naming the score composer mid way through the movie from a riff that sounded just like Contact.

P.S. If you thought Eccleston wasn't the best Doctor, he wasn't the best villain either.
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I was disappointed by The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus. I didn't like any of the protagonists. The fantastic wasn't fantastic enough. Mirrormask held together better and was prettier.
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She hadn't seen it, so I showed her "Real Genius"
I hadn't seen it, so she showed me "Casablanca"
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splatter-averse people should avoid District 9. possibly because I was put off by that, i found it to be merely meh+ to good-
I feel like I should like it more. There were some good concepts and movie design points. Oh well.
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click not if you want to see movie untainted by my talking about it )
Anyway, it does have a lot of Trekkiness, which does delight. In summary, it was just OK or moderately good. Other reasonable people could easily watch it and like it and not be annoyed at what I was annoyed at.
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Michael Moore made a film and showed it on the Net.
In that film, he whined a lot, of what he didn't get.
He travelled all the country,
and rallied raucous crowds,
But Kerry v Bush wasn't his to win,
So Obama/McCain, he'll try again.
I'd rather he go back to muckrakin'
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Really good movie. I liked it a lot. I don't know if it necessarily has the best plot or acting, but it sure is interesting. Beyond just the obvious commentary on the production practices of the food industry, it touches on dozens of other issues that intersect along the way. I kept imagining a little rolling counter attached to the screen counting off the issues it mentioned. At some points it almost becomes a running gag as activist college kids sit around discussing the state of the world (racking up points on my imaginary counter).

Anyway, good movie. I recommend it.
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Don't watch it. Bad. I was going in hoping for a dark moody fairy tale, and got lots of really gross bloody personal violence. Well done I suppose, but not the movie I wanted to see.
spoiler cut )


Nov. 11th, 2006 12:33 am
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Parts of it were raucously funny. Parts were just dumb. Parts were annoying. It will warp, blow, dement, taint and/or tickle your mind. See it with friends.

and yet, I don't think I should have spent $8.75 to see it. It would have been fine to wait for DVD. But then I would have been months behind the pop culture this is going to generate. Cool kids will be imitating this for months.


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