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I think I learned to be embarrassed about money partially from childhood where it wasn’t really talked about and with strong sustaining from recent episodes where I tell my friends how much I make and have saved up and their reaction is other than accepting a piece of simple numerical data.
In some ideal world with perfect economic justice, everyone recognizes the special worth of each other and any pay disparity is due to actual differences in value due to some needed or prized skill or talent. Then when a number is attached to someone, if you hear it you say, “Oh yes, that sounds about right.” We obviously don’t live in that utopia.
And now to leave my modest hut and get to my job. Repeat until retirement. :-|
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Every now and then I wish I had some expensive software tool for a day or a week so that I could do some one-off gag or small project that it would be just the right tool for. This of course does not justify the $500-$30000 that these various tools cost. Right now I want Final Cut Pro or equivalent to do one cool video hack I have in my head. iMovie is just not up to this. Some day I may be superrich and not care, or the software industry will find licensing models that suit me (some pundits say this may yet happen, rent software for $n per year or logically $n/365 per day, yearly is already starting to happen). Until then I'll just do what I can with free/cheap software and grumble when it doesn't quite do what I want.


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