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I heard on the news that Conan O'Brien got a buyout that means he can't do a new show for some months and can't use some of his old bits anymore. I have a great second career idea for him. He should move to Massachusetts, start a radio talk show, and then run for Scott Brown's senate seat in 2012.
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... but I find the amount of news coverage about Steve Jobs kinda weird. It seems awfully gossipy.
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The Race Genie comes out of the bottle about 6 minutes into that 7.5 minute clip.

It's not as shocking the second time, and also after yesterday's thread in which there was consensus that it's substantially just in my head.
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Maybe that is simply the desired effect, or is he going too far? I know there's some kinds of things that are somehow OK to say if you are one, and in that vein I will happily laugh at the common foibles of Unitarian Universalist Geek Guys. I'm still uncomfortable with the degree to which Stewart is taking his Jew bit.

Anyone else watch the Daily Show and have an opinion?
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I recently added Media Matters to my RSS reader. I think that was this morning. I'm amazed and disgusted. It looks like they're regularly finding a dozen things a day where the putative news media on TV and Radio who are supposed to be informing us are spouting off mindless stupidity, bald lies and malicious distortions.

I'd heard about MM before, but what pushed me over the edge and made me want to follow their feed was this recent outrage from Faux News in which they distort photos of people to dehumanize and make monsters out of the people they attack (instead of addressing the content of what those people are saying). The Fox Noise has got to stop. They need to be maligned loudly and often for the stupid shit they do until no one in the country takes them seriously and no one watches and their ratings are zero and the only thing that keeps them on the air is the desperate bankrolling of interests they propagandize for.

I hadn't been watching, but millions of people probably are, and they need to know what kind of garbage is being dumped on them.
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My current annoyance is the oversimplification of picking a single winner for the primaries. To hear the TV news tell it, these are winner-take-all contests and McCain and Clinton are those winners. The front page of CNN tells the same story, but at least they link to details which tell the real story. When I look at that right now, Clinton and Obama are exactly tied with an estimated 9 delegates each. Edwards also got 4 delegates. That sounds like 3 winners to me. It’s a bit more lopsided on the Republican side, but there are still 3 winners there, albeit 7:4:1 delegates for McCain:Romney:Huckabee.


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