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Some people I know may enjoy this WSJ piece about Hockey and Kittens
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aerial acrobatics in a vertical wind tunnel (youtube, 2:17)
Makes me think of living in the 'Portal 2' world, a little bit of the original 'Ok Go' video on the treadmills.
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I hereby link for you and share this Harry Potter fanfic I have enjoyed reading: "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality". The premise is that Aunt Petunia didn't marry Mr Dursley but instead a philosophy professor and Harry was brought up to love Science and Reason and turns out to be exceptionally bright (in an Ender Wiggin sorta way). It may occasionally get a little longwinded and preachy and pedantic about Rationality, but I found it to be more amusing and acceptable than certain libertarian screeds (Ayn Rand, Terry Goodkind's finale in book 13 of his series) and it seems to have a genuine Humanist appreciation for the general goodness and worth of people rather than the colder view of those other things.

It's been serialized out a chapter or so at a time over the last several months and it's not done yet (now at the end of January in this alternate version of Harry's first year at Hogwarts), but there is 1.5MB of html there to read so far and I'll be going back for more every couple weeks.
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Proud to be a Topekan today
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another helpful reminder. don't wimp out due to weather. just showing up is 90+% of the work.
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"Dangerous Wands", ghetto hogwarts! (video at collegehumor) thanks [ profile] larksdream
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In case any of her fans I know missed it, Amanda Palmer did an hour show at Google hq (from July 17, 2009. youtube. actually 1:16:55)
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Jon Siracusa writes in ArsTechnica:
In Snow Leopard, Apple has introduced a C language extension called "blocks." Blocks add closures and anonymous functions to C and the C-derived languages C++, Objective-C, and Objective C++.
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I run a little community web comic site, I wanted to share with you something that made me chuckle about current events
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Red Meat comic riffing on Watchmen? from 1996. This is like something that was in the book but not in the movie.
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They say only god can make a tree, but this guy can make a rainforest in deforested Borneo (ted talk, 21 minutes)


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