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Getting studied on Wednesday, they measured the strength of my knees and my grips. That way if I go on the experimental calorie reduction I can come back in a year and see how much I've wasted away. Right now, I think I'm pretty strong. I learned I can exert 160 Newton-meters of torque at the knee kicking forward through the quads, and 130 Newton-meters of torque pulling back through the hamstrings. The grip device reported "44", which I'm going to guess is linear Newtons of force.
The interesting thing about my knees is that a couple years ago when I was in physical therapy for knee trouble, one of the things they told me was that I needed to strengthen my quads, which didn't make much sense to me as I thought they were pretty strong from biking and other things. What they told me on Wednesday was that the normal ratio of strength on that joint is closer to 2:1 and they were surprised how strong my hamstrings were. They said that this imbalance sometimes causes knee pain. Aha! Now the comment about my quads from years ago made sense.
So, there are a few exercises from the old PT routine that I may resume, and I've been thinking about my bicycling technique and whether I can change the way I use my muscles to pedal. But I shouldn't do too much. It might throw off the study.
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Most of the last couple weeks I've been dismissive of going to the gym and getting the exercise I had almost gotten in the habit of getting. Just a lot of excuses about time and lethargy and donwanna. I think I had forgotten why I exercise. Last night at swing dancing I remembered. I need to be in better shape so I can do more and do better. I definitely didn't get the most out of the experience last night because I had to rest 2 out of 3 songs and I was embarrassingly sweaty and towards the end tired and knee-achy. Back to the gym with me, uh, tomorrow cuz I'm pretty sore today.
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I stayed the whole three hours and I think on average I danced every third song. I had some trouble with the first dance and had to stop because my knee hurt. I did some stretches and a couple songs later I tried again and it was ok. So, on it went with taking breaks and sometimes stretching between songs.

I had some wonderful dances! I'm out of shape, a little sloppy and out of practice in the lead, but I still had some great dances. Definitely time to get back into swing dancing. :-)

I'm sore today, but not injured I think. It's too hot to do anything today anyway, so sitting around and recovering is entirely in order.


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