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Oct. 4th, 2007 12:59 am
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I posted a graph of 2.5 years of data on my weight. Most of that was collected with a simple command line perl script. I would weigh myself at the gym, come home and sit down at the computer and record the data. This week I expanded the perl script to do CGI and now it's an iPhone friendly form. This of course has the win that my iPhone is always with me and thus makes me more likely to immediately enter data and not forget it.

Commenting on that previous thread with the graph, I mentioned that I needed to work on calories eaten and exercised with the hope of effecting general fitness and the weight statistic. Calories eaten could be another good thing to have an always-with-you-e-logging-thing for.

If I fleshed this out into a publicly visible thing you could make your own account for, would anyone else be interested in a web/iPhone (maybe other small phone web thing?) weight and calorie logging app?
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I've been using the toy to read lj recently, and it has been pretty good for that as a reader but it has left me feeling constrained on posting.There have been a bunch of comments I didn't write and a few that got through abbreviated because of this awkwardness. I'm writing this from it to see if I can get better at it and get over that block. I think it may be getting better.
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Got new sim card, put it in iPhone, iPhone recognized that it had new sim and a new number but complained that it needed to be activated again. So I took it home and plugged it into iTunes and went through the activation again and it reverted to the old number! ATT customer service was asleep for the night, so call this morning and they say they should open at 7:00am my local time, but no one is there, oh they still think I'm in CA with my wrong, CA number. So I'm fed up and call the 'emergency' after-hours support line. There someone helpfully informs me that I did the wrong thing and of-course it reverted to the old number and I was supposed to call them first to activate the new number on the new SIM card before putting it. Well gosh, in my excitement I didn't follow the directions that looked like gladhandling marketese crap. (I looked through the stuff I got with the SIM card and there it is, but doesn't say what I needed to see. It should have said, in huge bold letters "STOP. Do not insert SIM card. Call us first." Maybe if I find a scanner I'll post an image of it.) I think it's part of good information design to have the right instructions in the right place at the right time. Did someone a week ago tell me to call them when my new SIM card arrived? Maybe, maybe I forgot, maybe they could have been more strenuous. Could the iPhone have known better what to do when it got a new SIM card instead of leading me to the process that destroyed the new one?

Also, I'm still terribly frustrated by the technicalogical ineptness of this new system. I have now found that it obviously is possible to assign a phone number to a SIM card, it just seems stupid to me that you can only do it once. After that one time operation, the card is burned and I need a new one. Stupid. Probably just technically lazy. Yeah, sometimes distributed revocation and change lists are hard, but not that hard, so friggen do it.

I am increasingly feeling like I should compile this whole story into a rant I can send to someone who might care at Apple and/or ATT.
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But let's just pretend it's not a phone for another week or so. They have to mail me a new SIM card to put into the phone in order to reactivate it with the new number. So, my brilliant plot to buy an iPhone in California and have it activated with a Boston number is really all balderdash. It looked from the outside like that would be possible, but really No. ATT failed at several key steps, but those were just stupid policy decisions. Now it seems like there's some technical shortcoming to overcome. [sigh]
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despite having a perfectly good computer, I am posting from the iPhone to prove that I can.
typing with the thumbs is a little slow but not actually too error prone.
I can't tell you the new number yet because I don't have it. The only way to get it activated was to get a CA number and tomorrow I'll try to change it.
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Probably a solid two hours wasted today running in circles through their forms online and phone support. Still no iPhone activation.

The problem: I am currently in California and I want a Massachusetts number.

But mostly, I think the problem is that everyone who does not curretly have ATT service must physically go to an ATT store to show them a driver's licence and explain credit-checky things to them. Every other service in the modern world can be done online or by phone, but apparently ATT, source of service for the most advanced internet enabled phone thing ever, is not part of that modern world.

The sad saga of today's toy failure )
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Wow! I've seen a lot of geeks doing deconstructions of the iPhone to see what's inside, but nothing like this!

(I saw it linked by [ profile] devreux)
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This is stupid Nevermind years of credit history since I got out of college including previously holding an ATT cell phone for over two years, they need me to jump through extra hoops. GRRRR

So, the online activation I just finally got through isn't enough and I need to visit the nearest ATT store. :-(
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1. Walk into nearest Apple store (there are currently two within about 7 miles of me), no waiting line, no scarcity, I just get my iPhone and walk out virtually $640 poorer.
2. Get home, plug the pretty little thing into my mac and:
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Soon to be obsolete: phone, ipod, handspring )


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