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Also known as my condo, sometimes named "HashMap", wherein I have paid off 28.84% (and rising) of my 58% share of a building. It is my space, my home, and it lets me make space for my friends. I bought a three bedroom space for myself because - I could and I liked the space. That has let me make space for three friends who have a room to stay in sometimes instead of driving an extra hour out of Boston. It let me make space for a friend who needed to move on short notice when moving out after a breakup. It is a place for parties and hanging out and friends staying too late and sleeping over on the futon, as one is right now. It's a good place. I could neaten up a couple cluttered corners a bit ;-)
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Because I'm an adult now, I can buy nice things that I plan on keeping for a while and not moving too often.
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I used the Hugin program to these pictures of what my place looks like:
3 big panoramic pictures )
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Dear Dr Lj,
My old house is cold and heated by expensive oil, I believe the best course of action is to improve its insulation. Blowing in insulating fluff into the attic seems like it should be an easy win. I hear this can be done to the walls too, but is somewhat more involved as it may include peeling off parts of the siding and cutting holes to blow in through. I just had another thought, take off all the siding and add a few inches of insulative thickness to all the outer walls. This of course seems like a somewhat radical measure. Any ideas on if this is otherwise a reasonable idea? Anyone else heard of this or other thins being done?
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I was organizing and cleaning this morning, in this place I moved into at the start of August that is still littered with boxes, and made some decent progress in one room. I made the most progress in the space I spend the most time in (where the computer is). It was directly valuable improvement to me. That room over there, the dining room, was still full of boxes. Chatting with a friend she made the off hand suggestion to move the boxes into the computer room. beat. beat. Yeah! My dining room is now almost empty of boxes and things have been moved to where I should be more likely to deal with them. Hopefully I'll be able to report in a week or two that this little trick I play on myself will have had positive results.
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I have sewn and put up one window covering. That only took about two hours. It'll probably go faster in the future, but there are some design changes I need to make. I'll just think about that and maybe try again tomorrow.
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I have a door I have no keys to. The door to my second floor porch fits my regular house key, but I tried all the copies and none of them turn it. I also have one key I was given by the sellers that still doesn't seem to match anything. (It's not the same lock family as my others, so doesn't even fit into the slot at all.)

TODO: re-key 4 doors.
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According to the appliance service man who came to fix my washer there's a minor mis-design in one of the internal valves where it can break and a piece will come off, get stuck in a tube down the line, and cause that tube to burst, which is what happened in mine and the last one of these he had to service. The problem may be related to higher than usual water pressure, and the way my kitchen faucet sprays everything, maybe I have that. He hears rumors from tech support that they may be fixing this in future versions of the valve part so that it doesn't break. I guess I'll find out some time next week when the new part comes in if that part is any different than the one it replaces.
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My neighbor called me at work today to tell me that there was water streaming out of the house from a pipe emerging from my part of the house.* She said the basement was fine, but still this was kinda inexplicable, so it was 4pm and I decided the best thing to do would be to rush home and see what it was, in the mean time she turned off the water main to the building.

It turned out to be the outlet for the drain pan around my washer-dryer which was leaking and running a lot of cold water during the dry cycle. I don't understand the physics of what it's trying to accomplish by this. Maybe it's a bug. I called customer service and they told me to check a filter behind some panel and I said ok, I'd try that, and hung up. I shoulda stayed on the line. There was one little dust bunny of hair in the filter, which I removed. I turned the machine on again and it started doing the weird leaking thing again.

It's off now, I'm going out. I'll deal with it later.

(* I thought I was being terribly clever by putting the thing on delayed cycle so that I would have freshly done dryed clothes right when I got home so that I could fold things and be done with it. If everything had worked, this would have indeed been a good plan.)
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Four weeks of no gym has left me not quite up to the level of lifting I was at before. The first week of that was lots of lifting related to moving, but after that I really could have gotten back earlier than I did. On the plus side, I finally feel settled enough to take a break from house-stuff-shuffling and get some better quality exercise.
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The washer-dryer is in. Now I have the luxury of not needing a laundromat (unless it breaks), not having to haul laundry down and up stairs because it is on the third floor with my bedrooms where my dirty laundry tends to be, and not needing to move laundry from the washer to the dryer because it is an all-in-one unit.

And, stealing inspiration of the obvious from [ profile] mzrowan, my new icon for house-related posts is a picture of my house.
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I went with the only option available and got Comcast yesterday morning, which after a call to support this morning is working. I had mentioned earlier that I have no cable outlets, but while the cable guy was here installing we found them. In an unorthodoxed move, the recent renovation took the previous cables hanging out through the wall and cut them off flush with the wall and painted over the stubs. I think they must have been renovating for appearance more than functionality, and thereby lost significant functionality. Bad move, guys. Hmpf.
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What's the biggest thing I can do to make my household more energy
efficient? Insulate it. Well, that's expensive and hard (but totally on the
to-do list for next season if not this).So, what's the next big thing that
we all get reminded to do? Change lightbulbs. It's easy and cheapish and
relatively effective for that amount of work. So, I took stock and I have
over 40 lightbulbs I could replace. Half of those have a
smaller-than-standard socket as part of some decorative fixture in the
ceiling fan. Another quarter are much shorter than common bulbs. Between
these constraints my choice in CFL replacements will be somewhat limited,
but I'm pretty sure I've seen the right kinds of things out there.
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I'm excited! Today I move my furniture and the last of my stuff over and will spend my first night in my new condo and I can finally say that I live there. Yay!
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I seem to have moved into some telecommunications wasteland where neither RCN (my current ISP) nor Verizoff offer internet service. Comcast will give me worse service than I get now for $70/mo vs my current $40/mo.
Anyone have other options I should know about?
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Agenda: Queen bed, dining table and chairs, futon couch, coffee table, drawers, nightstand, shelves, rocking chair, yummy dinner. I wound up getting a zip-truck from near harvard square, so maybe we should go out to something near there afterwords, possibly one of the fabulous indian restaurants.
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Somethings are not noticed because they're not there to be wrong but are simply not there. My new condo has no ports at all for cable tv or phone. d'oh. I expect the cable tv guy will be able to drill a hole in my wall and jack me in. Good thing I wasn't planning on bothering with a landline phone.
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Dear Friends,
Who among you can I beg furniture moving help from for the price of pizza and beer? (Pizza and beer may be substituted with other, nicer dinner since we're all grownups now, or may remain literally pizza and beer if we feel that such is yummy and good and/or we're in denial of being grownups now.)
I think we can get all the furniture (dining table, futon, queen bed, misc) in one day, either Saturday or Sunday, August 9 or 10.
[Poll #1234378]
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July 22, 2007, I landed in Boston.
One week from today, I will buy a condo here.


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