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The axes are a little screwed up, but along the bottom is about two and a half years of time, and the vertical axis is pounds-of-me.
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I'm definitely in better cardiovascular health than a couple months ago. I can bicycle or elliptical-run-machine longer and harder than before. I can weight lift a little heavier. This is all good.

But I feel fatter. I haven't properly measured dimensions, but I feel it. The scale sadly agrees with me. I know that working out can build muscle that causes weight gain. Maybe I should hope I'm in that awkward phase.
Another simple matter of numbers is still not so optimistic.

One day a couple weeks ago I tried to count calories and my rough estimate was from 2500 to 3000 when I think it should have been 1500 to 2000. Hopefully that was an unusually bad day, but really I think that week it wasn't. I've tried to be better since then but I still have a couple problems.
1. Eating for the satisfaction of eating something. Bad day? have some chocolate. And too often they're bad days, or at least bad enough to be such an excuse.
2. I have no connection between feeling hungry and how much I should eat. Sometimes I feel "really hungry", eat a lot, and then am really over-full. Something went wrong there. Part of the problem may be eating when not hungry, so obviously when hungry I should eat more than that. I just don't know how much I should eat. I guess the answer should always be "less" until there's any actual danger of malnourishment. If I start out with too little and overdo that a bit, not so bad, eh?

Anyway, it occurred to me to compare to a year ago. A year ago stairs were painful on my knees and I had to lean on the handrails heavily both up and down. Now I'm mostly better and do stairs all the time without thinking about it except for an occasional moment of unsteadiness. A year ago 20 minutes of moderate walking was hard. When I started dancing again last August I had to dance one song and sit out two. Now I can bike or fake-run an hour or dance up a storm for three. :-)

I've been better, I'm improving, sorta, maybe someday yet it's not too late to be better than ever.


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