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Hey board gamers, who's up for "Power Grid: Fukushima rules"?
Simple house rule: on every turn we roll a D20 and if it lands 20 then anyone with a nuclear plant loses the plant and a random city.
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Things I learned at PAX

Console. Currently this means Nintendo, Sony or XBox. I've never owned any of these. I did play through Final Fantasy 8 back in college when a roommate had ye olde Playstation.

PC. Close, but, Mac. There are a few small market games that work on Mac, but mostly I have Id, Blizzard and EVE available to me. I WoW-ed. I still EVE a little. I will Starcraft2. But there's a large breadth and whole genres of PC gaming I'll never do because they only run on microsoft-based game machines.

Tabletop. No console or PC required, just buy the ~$50 game and good to go. I do enjoy a good strategy board/card game now and then. There were apparently rooms full of people tabletop gaming at PAX, but I never went in them because I went to PAX for the events. I can throw my own game parties and play with people I like.

RPG/D&D. Can be played on the tops of tables, but I think it counts as a distinct subculture of gamer geeks - of which I am not a part. No interest in that style of game. MTG, Pokemon and Warhammer probably also deserve mention as subculture-games I'm not interested in.

There is a perfect real-time-strategy game that I can play on my Mac that exists in my head. Maybe I'll write it someday if no one beats me to it.
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I've been to Arisia four times. It is my only SciFi/Fantasy con. I went to DefCon once; the hacker scene is different and counterculture and geeky and fun.

PAX is much more about the show and tell. It has many fewer, but bigger panel-type events. It is much bigger, there are more peolpe here. There's relatively little actual selling going on here. If I came here because I like gamer culture, why can't I buy some? There is selling of actual games and game paraphernalia for all kinds of tabletop games. The video games and game hardware are all set up for demoing, go buy their wares through the usual distribution channels. Shirts and art and kitsch objects are missing. I'm used to Arisia's dealer's row. There's one kinda halfassed shirt dealer here in addition to the official PAX merch. Of course, it's not about the buying things, but the being together, eh?

Probably more thoughts on this later, and the differences between Gamer culture and my preferred forms of geekery.
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I've ranted before about EVE and WoW and how they were not the games I wanted to play. I kept playing EVE and just hit one year since I started playing it. I've run into the usual MMO problem that it has boring repetitive grinding. The scifi candy shell has worn off, and it's getting boring.
I haven't quite quit yet, and I still have some things cooking in game to optimize the experience. They have an expansion coming out soon (they always do), but I'll probably take a peek at that content and decide the whole system is inherently flawed and quit it then.

Analysis )
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Every board game I like to play, I think there could be a computerized
version that could be better.
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The Penny Arcade computer game "On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Episode One" is about six hours of game play, and cost me $20. I don't think it was really worth it. I could have gotten a lot of movie hours or something else for those $20. The game itself was fine. Sorta-turn-taking party combat that reminded me of a Final Fantasy game I played a long time ago. But this time with the real-ish time aspect that added annoying amounts of furious mousing and clicking and pounding the keyboard at just the right time. I think my hands will be sore tomorrow from beating this game. On the other hand, if you really want a trip through an odd kind of world with the character of the comic, go for it.

Probably half of the reason I played it is because they did a simultaneous Mac/Linux/Windows release and I think that's cool.

Game Time

Feb. 27th, 2008 09:46 am
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All of my gaming time for the last couple weeks has gone to EVE Online. I'm not sure it's a specially better world than WoW or anything else, it's just still sufficiently novel to hold my interest. It does have one small win: I like Sci-Fi better than Fantasy.


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