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After the recent scare about mercury in high fructose corn syrup I stopped drinking beverages that contain the stuff, which is just about everything sugary and fizzy. Now, granted that these empty calories aren't good for me anyway, I'd like to think I had the situation under control as an occasional candy consumption. Anyway, after having quit for several months and fought off several cravings with the thought 'no, poison!' I found out today that Kosher Coke is in season and it does not have high fructose corn syrup but instead has real sugar! sucrose, which I guess is close enough to real sugar for some Rabbi somewhere, and for the purposes of wanting a sugary caffeinated beverage to go with my moving-day pizza it was good enough for me. It tastes different too! Possibly better. Anyway, if I remember I shall go out and stock up on some of this stuff, it's not bad, or less bad anyway, and sometimes kinda good.
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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. Do you like to cook? If so, what?
Yes. Omelets and stir-frys mostly. Unless 'cook' is extended to 'bake' in which case cookies and brownies win.

2. If you do like to cook, have you always or when did you start? If you don't like to cook, have you tried it without success or simply never gotten into it, or ...?
I started cooking in college. I had the good luck of getting a dorm that was all tiny apartments with kitchens. Lots of experimenting at that time, and I got pretty good at pancakes.

3. What's the most ambitious-for-you dish you've ever prepared? How'd it come out?
Recently I've done a couple times something with two skillets going. One with just portabella mushrooms saute-ing by themselves, and one with the rest of the stuff. That's about as fancy as I get. Nothing with huge amounts of prep work, not more complex than marinading something (start early, let sit, forget about it until time to cook).

4. Have there been fears, hesitations, or items of squeamishness you've struggled with in cooking?
I was nervous the first time I cooked chicken because I wanted to make sure it was thoroughly cooked and no one got sick from it.

5. If you could learn to prepare one food perfectly the way you like it every time, what would it be?
Hmmm, already have that for pancakes. Most other things are kinda good enough and I want to get the most bang for my wish-granting-buck. I've never made Flan, that could be fun. Maybe one of my favorite Indian dishes that I haven't quite figured out like saag paneer or even just a good curried tofu. Mmm, yup, that's the food to lust for.
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Big parties are hard. This weekend I went to a big party, but instead of just going for 4-6 hours, it was Friday night through Sunday evening. On the down side, I'm still newish to the area and knew a fair number of people there casually but they all knew each other better and so there were a fair number of times when I didn't quite find a clique to comfortably try to glom on to.

On the up side, dancing is a wonderful way to soften some barriers and have a safe, structured, fun way to interact with people. Since it was Contra Dancing I could either ask someone to dance and spend most of a song with them or just bounce off half of everyone else throughout the song.

Also on the up side, yummy yummy ice cream. I think my favorite was Habanero Amaretto Sorbet, but the Habanero Maple Ice Cream was pretty good too. I made (with help and direction from [ profile] surrealestate) "Coconut Curry with Peanut Butter Swirl". It was good! It confused some people, being a bit savory, but I still stand by it as a good idea. I'm still feeling excited about this like a little kid saying, "Look what I can make!" So, now I want to go out and find a big dewar of liquid nitrogen and make some more. It seems rediculously simple now that I've done it and seen it done. Recipe: Milk/cream/coconut-milk/soy-whatever + sugar + flavor stuff + Liquid Nitrogen + stirring.

Additional good points: weekend in very green and relatively natural surroundings; awesome tentmate; meeting some new awesome people; previously known awesome people I don't see often enough; road trip with eclectic sing-along sound track.
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From the [ profile] altfriday5:

1. What do/don't you eat?
I don't eat mammals. I do eat fish and birds. Otherwise I eat what I like and don't eat what I don't like (no food allergies).

2. Why do you make the food choices you do?
I've cut out mammals (beef, pork, etc.) due to environmental and health reasons. Those are the most polluting and most resource intensive meats to produce. Also I think they tend to be less healthy to eat.

3. Are you happy with your relationship to food?
No, I eat too much. Too much in general, and too much low nutrient high calorie tasty junk.

4. What are your favorite comfort foods?
Chips and salsa. Pizza.

5. Are there any foods you want to try but haven't had a chance, yet?
Can't think of anything. Have any suggestions?
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this time in the form of putting a chai tea bag in cider an microwaving the whole concoction. spiced caffeinated hot cider. Yummy. But getting to sleep 3 hours ago would have been ok too.


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