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8 days ago friday night I was having an excellent time dancing with a beautiful-intelligent-sexy young woman, the kind of flirty dancing that I took to have intent to follow through, and so I suggested that I should take her out on a date some time and she said that sounded like a nice idea. I had given her my phone number and email address and she had texted me and I had texted her (I would have much rather emailed, more writing space, better UI, but I didn't have her email) and I think I was waiting for her to email me. Last night I discovered she was waiting for me to call her. It never occurred to me to use my phone to contact her at her phone number for voice communications. I just do do that. So I spent about the next two hours of the dance just kind of dumfounded in shock that my brain had not processed something so basic, that yet still felt so strange to me. She said she had something to do Saturday, so maybe I'll call Sunday and see about scheduling something for next week/weekend. ... if I'm not still too dumb and foolish feeling to be able to make a serious go of it.

Now I have a totally unscheduled Saturday, and even before last night's shock I was feeling a great ennui towards today. It probably means I need more rest after a hard work week, so I will try to really rest until I figure out if there's something I really want to do.
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There is a possibility that it's more important to find someone I love who loves me than to find 'what I want' and I am too attached to finding 'what I want'. There is also the possibility that the previous theory is crap and a kind of defeatism about the inability to get what I want, and what I want is not unreasonable and should be doable.

I'm not a jealous person. I'm good at sharing. What makes me cranky is not getting any, especially when I view the one who is getting some to be unworthy. (jerk guy gets pretty girl)

bad metaphors

Dating is not like buying a house. It's not like considering the options available on the market before making a long term commitment.

Dating is not an interview process. I am not interviewing for a tenure track position (despite how much I like saying 'tenure track relationship') and I should not structure get-to-know-you-activities that in any way resemble interrogations or tests.


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