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[ profile] blk++ for getting me out climbing for the first time in about four weeks. The first route I did was a 5.9 that had always been strengthy and fun and not too grippy and I flew right up it, almost like old times with one pause for noticing that it was harder than it used to be. I then proceeded to get half way up two routes and all the way up one after much falling by me and goading from [ profile] blk. I finally finished the night by beating an easy 5.7. Go me. I think at my better moments at the start I had almost as much grip strength as I used to, but I had no endurance for it and couldn't maintain that level for a whole climb, or for a whole night of climbing. That was Thursday night. The soreness mostly skipped Friday and has set in full strength in my forearms now Saturday morning. Uf.
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Worked hard, tried challenging courses, am now tired and sore all over, didn't get to the top of 3 out of 5 things I tried.
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I've continued to go climbing with [ profile] larksdream and sometimes [ profile] lbmango once or twice a week, and I'm getting better. Tonight I did a new hard 5.8 half-way twice, an old hard 5.8 much quicker and easier, a couple 5.7 routes with something approaching grace and style, and at the end of the day I tried a 5.9 and got half way up and I think I could have gotten further if I'd tried it fresh.

I continue to get better and I can feel it. Every time I go there are some moments where I pull off a move with strength and form fitting together just right. Right now I'm tired and my grip is all used up. Still, I think I've been strengthening and recovering faster. I think my next planned trip may be Sunday.
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I went with [ profile] sheenaqotj to a place called "The Main Event" and got a very different experience of climbing than I'm used to. Instead of belaying your friends, all the climbs are on auto-belay device. Instead of being surrounded by young athletic hipsters there were swarms of kids and parents. They had an easy section of maybe 8 5.6 climbs and a couple 5.7ish. It was pretty busy. The intermediate section started at 5.8 and with a little cheating I got up one of them. The whole section seemed a little less well maintained and less often visited and yet some of the holds seemed a little slick from too many unchalked hands.

It was fun anyway. In under an hour I did 7 or 8 'easy' climbs and got myself a thorough workout and thoroughly tired.


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