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A year ago I had a Tuesday-night through Thursday-morning medical study visit, and last week I had another. Then I had a 'V O2 max' score of 47.2, this year I got 52. This is an improvement, but the techs were visibly worried about the calibration of the machine this year, so maybe I should accept that as within the margin of error for the test for now. But it's also reasonable to think that I've gotten somewhat fitter in the last year, lots of climbing and gymnastics to thank for that. I found out that my 'resting metabolic rate' is about 1900 calories per day (and last year it was about the same, maybe 1800) which means that just lying in bed all day will consume 1900 calories. This makes me feel less bad about the 3000+ calorie days I've been estimating recently, but I could still be a perfectly healthy(er) 10 pounds lighter.
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I imagined something like a large needle taking a core sample. There may have indeed been such an instrument, but the whole procedure was more like 'minor surgery' than 'large needle'.

Walking home last night it hurt too much to use my left quadricep at all and with a hobbled gait it took me 36 minutes to do the walk from the Davis Sq T which usually takes 12. I can put some weight on it today and I'm walking with a limp at probably double the speed of last night. There were a couple moments this morning where I was testing myself and had to back off. Still, I have hopes for a quick recovery, normal walking tomorrow and climbing again on Sunday.
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Arrived 5:30pm Tuesday.
Went to an overnight stay on election night instead of going to fabulous parties. (Maybe we can charitably imagine some virtuous sacrifice, but really it was just dumb planning and being inobservant when I signed up for this sequence a couple months ago.)

Swallowed a little radio transmitting thermometer so that they can data log my core temperature for the next 36 hours.

Pee into a variety of containers, including one big one to collect all my pee for 24 hours. (Totaled over 3.5 liters.)

Got woken up by nurses at 6am. They took my various resting vital signs.

Laid quietly in bed (but not asleep) breathing into a hood for 35 minutes having all of my gasses measured.

Gave a blood sample, drank a sugary beverage, gave blood again every 30 minutes until 2 hours out. Had to just lie in bed and couldn't really move for those 2+ hours.

Didn't get anything but that sugary beverage until lunch around 1pm on Wednesday.

Played silly computer games that were supposed to measure various mental aptitudes. They were easy. Some of them were kinda fun. It makes me a little curious about games like "Brain Age" that are supposed to be good mental exercise, and how if they're really well designed they should seek to the edge of your abilities and always be a challenge. Hmm.

Got a small sample cut out of my left quadricep.

Found out that last week's "V-O-2 max"(?) test rated me at 47.2 ml/kg/min, which they tell me shows that I'm in pretty good shape. Must be all that biking.

And got randomized into the control group. Not what I wanted, less exciting but also less work. Eh.
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Getting studied on Wednesday, they measured the strength of my knees and my grips. That way if I go on the experimental calorie reduction I can come back in a year and see how much I've wasted away. Right now, I think I'm pretty strong. I learned I can exert 160 Newton-meters of torque at the knee kicking forward through the quads, and 130 Newton-meters of torque pulling back through the hamstrings. The grip device reported "44", which I'm going to guess is linear Newtons of force.
The interesting thing about my knees is that a couple years ago when I was in physical therapy for knee trouble, one of the things they told me was that I needed to strengthen my quads, which didn't make much sense to me as I thought they were pretty strong from biking and other things. What they told me on Wednesday was that the normal ratio of strength on that joint is closer to 2:1 and they were surprised how strong my hamstrings were. They said that this imbalance sometimes causes knee pain. Aha! Now the comment about my quads from years ago made sense.
So, there are a few exercises from the old PT routine that I may resume, and I've been thinking about my bicycling technique and whether I can change the way I use my muscles to pedal. But I shouldn't do too much. It might throw off the study.
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I'm into the study, but they still haven't told me whether I'll be in the experiment or control group.
For my starting visit yesterday, they gave me a home scale to weigh myself with daily. Today: 191.8lb. My old scale that I'd been logging daily with: 195.0lb. The new scale promises 0.1 pound precision. Apparently the study scientists have also tested it for accuracy. I once tested my old scale by weighing myself and then weighing myself holding a various combinations of 10lb and 15lb dumbbells. It got the right difference up at that range (on probably not-too-precise exercise weights), but maybe the whole time it was off by 3.2lb.


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