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Oh, hard workouts, I'd almost forgotten what they were like. Two one-hour/ten-mile bike rides on Monday (home to/from Waltham). Aerial Silks Tuesday. I have lots of unexpectedly sore and tired muscles today all over my legs, arms, hands, back. Uf.
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Someone is wrong on the internet
For me I must add:
Someone is driving badly in Boston

grrrr. my big peeve recently has been people running through intersections late, entering the intersection after the opposing green has already turned.
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According to my thermometer at home, I just biked home in 10 degree Fahrenheit air. The internet says 12F. Either beats my previous record of biking in 13F weather. My toes got tingly cold. If it were much further or colder I'd have to do something about that.
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A couple months of neglect in my garage in a cold wet winter had rusted my bicycle chains into ovals that very much wanted to hold their shape. An hour of brushing with a dish brush and warm soapy water got most of the rust off and most of the links move in about the usual way now. There are still occasional clumps of 2-3 links that are pretty set in their shape, whatever shape they were left in when I put the bike away in December. I'm hoping repeated applications of WD-40 (which the chain has been pretty well soaked in now, to not leave the thing with warm soapy water as its lubricant) and some peddling will eventually break them and bend them to my will. Now, to bike to the gym and bike past Tags on the way home with more lubricants.

Also, the soapy water for the chain and soap I cleaned my hands with after were Dr Bronner's. While it is the timecube of soap, damn that stuff is good on bike grease.
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I left my bike in my garage, but the cold wet winter had its way and when i went to bike to work tuesday morning i aired up the tires and aired up the shock and tried to move it and discovered that the chain had rusted into a solid mass that would not change shape. I need a new chain, and it might be time for whole new gear packs (still on the original gears from 7 years and thousands of miles ago). It's time to explore that new bike shop that's 100ft from my front door. Too bad their hours are 12-7.
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I bundled up and biked at 14F just fine a week ago. This week the slush and ice came and I was just not in the mood to prove myself any further. Aside from the slush and ice, I'm also less enjoying the extra time spent bundling and unbundling specially for biking. I think it takes a bit longer than just what's needed for walking. Hmpf. On the plus side, my bike always goes exactly where I want, when I want, while busses and subways don't. To work and back, however, do just fine by red line.
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Last weekend I got some waterproof bike pants and I've put them to good use the last couple days. I've arrived at either end clean and dry. They're pretty expensive. I guess it's a matter of how long they're good for that will determine if I'm overall satisfied. I'm kinda expecting some of the material to break down eventually. If the pants last six months I will be disappointed. A year might be ok, and I think two years would be good enough.

I continue to over-bundle in reaction to the cold snap of a few weeks ago. 37F and rainy wearing jeans, outer waterproof pants, sweater and heaviest winter coat is nice and comfortable to start with but too warm and sweaty a mile or two into the ride. On the plus side I feel confident that I could go down to 20F comfortably if I just bundle my feet up well enough.
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I didn't have to go very far in those conditions, but brrrrrr. Biking home from work tonight it was probably around 30F.
My big win of this season is the ski goggles. I did manage to find at REI one pair of totally clear ski goggles (most are tinted) and I wear them at night and they are awesome. I don't know how they do it, but those things don't fog up. They're great. I'm spoiled and now I don't want to bike below 45F without them.
The usual snow gloves work just fine. Jacket with sweater layer under it keeps my torso and arms warm. Flannel scarf wrapped twice over my face keeps cheeks ears and lungs happy. Sealed bike helmet still holds up well.

My biggest lack now are feet and legs. On a couple occasions on the long bike ride between home and work my toes have gotten pretty cold. This is because I'm wearing nicely ventilated running shoes. Oops. I should get some nice insulated hiking boots with a low cut for ankle flexibility.
I would have thought that biking and using big muscles in my legs would keep them warm, but this is not adequately true. At least the skin is getting uncomfortably cold. It turns out that just a layer of denim isn't enough. For my legs I do have silk long undies which work reasonably well, but are inconvenient if there's a warm place on the other end and I'd want to change out of them. I should find an outer layer that can zip on and off. I crave another REI trip to go shopping, but alas I am too busy until at least Sunday afternoon.
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But something like this electric thing is still kinda appealing to me. It would get some serious consideration if I needed to acquire transport for a regular commute that didn't fit bicycle, train or bus routes.
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I've done or had done more to my bike in the last year than in the previous five years. New chains last november. Several flats, some taken into the shop, some teaching me to be better at patching or changing my own tubes. A blowout, requiring new tires (which had to be ordered from the manufacturer). My air shock stopped holding air, requiring inflating every other day, then every day, then before every ride and finally deflating if I sat on it. Today I disassembled that (much easier than I'd expected given that it's a kinda major load bearing structural piece) changed a couple O rings (which had to be ordered from the manufacturer) (one had completely broken and when I opened the shock it popped out and wriggled around like an uncomfortable worm) and put it back together and now I can ride my bike again for the first time in a couple weeks.

With luck, now that I've changed out just about everything, it'll hold up for a while.
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No time to go to the gym, too busy dancing. MWFS this week. Today I'll get my exercise by biking around to open houses, oh, and more dancing.
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It's a small thing to my friends in better shape than I, but I'm proud of biking to work 5 days in a row. I can now reliably bike to work in less time than it takes to walk to the subway and take that there. I think the route to work is down hill, and coming back is a bit slower.

Sadly, I'm wimping out today because it's raining and I still lack rainproof pants and splash guards on my bike.
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Biking to work is going well now that it's above freezing. Biking home after swing dancing is ok. Biking the next day when I'm a little sore is ok. Biking home in the rain and getting a little cold and wet is ok. Biking home in the rain and getting my back covered in road grime and having dark soot soak through all my layers is not ok. I need to do something about putting a splash guard on my back tire.
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The Wintersilks are a win, and made my legs tolerable, but maybe I was just distracted by the mind numbing cold as the wind whistled through my nice airy helmet. My dad wears a ski helmet when biking in the winter, and I think I’ll look into that. He mentioned something about gluing a face plate onto it (I think it was something to go over his glasses somehow) but I think I’ll look into standard goggles. Heavier gloves will also be called for.
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I have good gloves for my hands, a good jacket, and today I got a face mask which nicely keeps my nose and mouth warm. The wind still nips at my eyes, so I guess ski goggles are the next logical step. Perhaps the tricky part will be that my knees are cold. That's just not good. Have to keep them flexible and peddling. My standard denim jeans aren't quite doing it and I'm not sure what to try next.
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Today I said goodbye to the first car I owned after 6 years. I drove it to Santa Barbara from my parents house six years ago, and I drove it out of Santa Barbara to Google a week ago.

and this is how I left it (picture) )

I sold it for a bit less than I thought I would get for it, but probably a fair deal, or at least good enough in some way.

My major mode of faster-than-walking trasportation is now a bicycle I'm borrowing. I am now car free. This will last until I get frustrated by not getting to things outside of T coverage in Boston and I break down and buy a Prius. Right now I'll guess that's about a year away, but longer might be good for me. We'll see.


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