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Mar. 9th, 2011 04:13 pm
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I have enjoyed 10 years of good development tools for free from Apple, and it has been good to use them and make nifty things and evangelize how great developing on Mac is. Today they announced the next version of the tools, available today, cost at least $5. My sense of entitlement, built up over 10 years of expectations, is sad.


Jan. 29th, 2010 10:24 am
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I'm not going to buy an iPad, it's not the device for me, but it may change the way I think about user interface design. This is an option now. This is something I'll think about. Is there something different and better I could do on iPad? I've had a couple game ideas rattling around in my brain and in toy programs since college, and now when I think about them half of the fun is imagining the iPad interface.

I want a book reader - for $100 with $5 books, not $250 with $10 books or $500 with $15 books.
I want a image-backed graphics tablet - I like to draw but not seriously enough for the $900+ things.
I want something super-light to take everywhere, but I still think the full sized hard keyboard of my laptop is going to be key for the kind of creating I'd want to do on the go in random places.

I want it, but not $500 worth, but it's out there and it makes me think.
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I've been mulling over getting a $900 chair for the home office for months. It would be a good, durable thing that would give me many years of improved sitting. Monday Apple upgraded the MacBooks and within a couple hours I placed an order. It should be here next week wednesday, and have a useful-to-me lifespan of 2-3 years. (Current laptop to be retired at 2.7 years.) I think this must have something to say about how I am more comfortable thinking about technology than furniture.
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... but I find the amount of news coverage about Steve Jobs kinda weird. It seems awfully gossipy.
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I am an Apple fanboy, and I laughed at the new "Yoga" ad
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The ads start out, "Hello, I'm a Republican." "And I'm a Democrat."
They made me smile, though the third one is a little slow.


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