Dec. 24th, 2010 04:55 pm
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Many (many!) months ago [ profile] flexagon mentioned this thing she did on Wednesday nights called acroyoga. I had the majority of my Wednesday nights spoken for, but had a free one this week, so I went. We did a bunch of basic poses that I had done in the old gymnastics and partner acrobatics class I had been going to (also [ profile] flexagon's recommendation) but this time I got to fly! We got into trios of roughly size matched people, and I was able to get up into all the poses. Yay!

I think I have sore spots just below my collar bones where someone's thumbs were digging in. Is that normal?
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The class I call "acrogymnastics", which the instructor calls "acrobalance", has been mostly gymnastics for the last few weeks and less of the partner acrobatics tricks. I've gone along with that and spent extra time working on my basics like handstands and building up towards a front handspring. I think it has been working and I've been seeing improvements.
On Sunday I did an unassisted balk walkover off a 14" block. This was new and exciting. What usually happened when I tried to do this was that I stalled out halfway through the move and my arms buckled and I crumpled to the ground. On Sunday my arms were feeling much stronger and I was able to kick off harder and get over. Last night this was going so well that I moved down to an 8" block and did a couple from there. I don't expect to keep up a 6-inch-per-4-day rate of improvement, but it's still neat progress.
Other fun things last night included an assisted front flip (landed on one foot too hard and my ankle hurts. boo). I based while [ profile] flexagon did airplane and A stood on her back. And I picked up J and R in a double-piggy-back.
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I got some black tights for part of an acrobatic Halloween costume I'm planning. This morning I decided to put them on and do a handstand and take a picture: here it is )
For bonus goodness, doing it randomly, one-off, first thing in the morning, I had my best kick-up-into-the-wall ever, hitting the momentum and balance just right.
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Two people climbed on me, ah ah ah!

In theory, the thing to do next from there is for the woman on my shoulders to climb onto the shoulders of the guy on my thighs.
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what we did last night:

edit: also on youtube (3:16 mostly of people stumbling around setting up and maybe getting the formation for a second, maybe you had to be there)


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